A lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework

See the jsMain dependency block in the build.gradle.kts file with the full setup. Currently, the application doesn’t save data, meaning that the shopping list vanishes when you terminate the server process. To fix that, use the MongoDB database to store and retrieve shopping list items even when the server shuts down. You’ve laid the groundwork on the client and have a clean API to access the data provided by the server.

Ask the view to show a loading indicator before you start loading the data. Now, update the main() function to print the value of the API_URL property instead of “Hello world! Next, open the Build menu and click on Build Project to compile your Kotlin code to JavaScript. The IDE will generate a new folder called out in your project’s root folder.


In Java, redundancy results in verbose and longer code. Kotlin is simpler, making it easier for beginners to learn. Kotlin focuses on stripped-down, functional code and avoids repetitive boilerplate code. Semicolons at the end of every line are not https://globalcloudteam.com/ needed, although Kotlin does not have an issue if a developer uses them. Additional features reduce the complexity and length of code needed to achieve the end goal of a Kotlin team. Kotlin can be used alongside Java for development on the server.

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  • For a more in-depth view of typical workflows and how apps are developed with React and Kotlin/JS, see the Build a web application with React and Kotlin/JS tutorial.
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  • The available options for persistence include direct JDBC access, JPA, and using NoSQL databases through their Java drivers.

Jupyter and Zeppelin, two popular data science tools used with Java, also support Kotlin. Make your choice in favour of our Kotlin development company and we will build a mobile apps as per your idea. Make sure we will keep you up to date with the modern technologies and approaches we use to transform your plans how to hire a kotlin developer into innovative technology solution. I’ve been working with Webcodegenie for the past two years to design and develop mobile applications for my clients. They have always been there, willing to assist us whenever we needed them. Our experience with Webcodegenie has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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You’ll need an input component that provides a callback when users submit their entry to the shopping list to receive input. Load the shopping list elements from the server and set the state accordingly. In this configuration, the JsonFeature uses kotlinx.serialization to provide a way to create typesafe HTTP requests. It takes care of automatically converting between Kotlin objects and their JSON representation and vice versa. For a more in-depth view of typical workflows and how apps are developed with React and Kotlin/JS, see the Build a web application with React and Kotlin/JS tutorial. This means that the combined build will work when you run your application, and also when you prepare it for deployment to another target system or cloud platform.

Compared to Java, Kotlin is more understandable and requires fewer lines of code. On average, code in Kotlin is 40% shorter than the same code in Java. Less code and more concise syntax mean fewer bugs would find their way into the final version of the app, while Kotlin’s readability makes it easier to fix issues and maintain the code. Introduced by JetBrains in the 2010s, Kotlin is an open-source general-purpose programming language. It is designed to be fully interoperable with Java, meaning that it compiles into the same bytecode as Java and can execute its code. Kotlin is often used for data science tasks, such as building data pipelines and putting machine learning models into production.

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For detailed information on source sets, see Understand Multiplatform project structure. Kotlin source sets are a collection of Kotlin sources and their resources, dependencies, and language settings that belong to one or more targets. You use them to set up platform-specific and common dependency blocks. The serialization plugin provides multiplatform conversions between Kotlin objects and their JSON text representation. You can also join the #javascript channel in the official Kotlin Slack to chat with the community and the team.

kotlin for web development

Kotlin uses aggressive inference to determine values and expressions. Greg and his team provide reliable, professional service and effective communication. Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech.

Sample projects for Kotlin/JS

Kotlin web framework is the best for developing server-side applications; it allows us to write expressive and concisely while maintaining full compatibility with java technology. The innovative language features of the kotlin, such as its support for the type-safe builders and the properties delegated. It supports building server-side applications, which many clients scaled up with the requirement of hardware. Kotlin is fully compatible with the java based framework, so we can use the stack technology while taking the benefits of more modern languages.

kotlin for web development

Python Django is one of the most popular web development frameworks, it was used to build part of the Instagram backend. Other python web frameworks that can be used in place of Kotlin include Flask, FastAPI, CherryPy, Falcon, etc. To make your development process easy, quick, and well-structured, you can use PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Slim, Zend, Phalcon, CakePHP, and many others. This provides a lot of advantages and features for both Kotlin and Java developers.

Declare server and API in the same place

Using Kotlin and Ktor, developers can use a custom test engine to run their entire application, and handle requests just like the live application would. You can imagine Kotlin’s popularity by considering that more than 60 percent of top-grossing apps and 71 percent of newly launched apps are based on Kotlin. Most Android developers prefer Kotlin as it resolves a lot of issues with Java coding. Due to its perfect sync with Java, a lot of Android developers use Kotlin to rewrite applications. As well as using for back end web, you can use Kotlin code client-side, for desktop development, and native development.

kotlin for web development

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